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grow in tot

we focus on the development of employees’ career path. based on development plan , we use a set of approaches such as professional group training、mentoring program and annual training courses to help employees improve necessary skills and ensure that they have sufficient communication with both their colleagues and supervisors. we provide diverse career development opportunities via three career development options, they are technology expertise management, and project management. 

learning organization

aiming at improving innovation capabilities of the company and drive its vitality, tot biopharm designs a variety of learning programs, including fresh graduate camp, new manager camp, leadership development projects, gmp and professional ability improvement projects, and pm talent development projects, etc. following the design philosophy of action learning and integrating innovative learning methods, tot has also created various sharing platforms, such as tot sharing time and tot forum. we invite external experts to give speeches and lectures, and established an internal knowledge system. all of these approaches help tot biopharm become a learning organization and enable it to possess the power of continuous learning and progress.