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tot biopharm entered into strategic cooperation with glycanlink on glycol-site specific adc technology

date time:2023-07-05
tot biopharm and glycanlink jointly announced in-depth strategic cooperation on disaclinktm technology, for which glycanlink owns proprietary intellectual property rights. with this cooperation, both parties will carry out joint technical research, jointly develop and continuously advance the optimization and iteration, process exploration and commercial scale-up of this site-specific conjugation technology. furthermore, both parties will also establish extensive commercial cooperation on the external promotion of this technology. glycanlink has authorized tot biopharm to provide cdmo services by using the disaclinktm platform technology, representing a robust industry-based support for its future applications in the biomedical innovations.

dr. liu jun, ceo of tot biopharm said: “ we are so delighted to enter into strategic cooperation with glycanlink. disaclinktm technology not only represents a site-specific conjugation technology with the maximum application value, but also one of the most cutting-edge patented site-specific conjugation technologies globally, as evidenced by its prominent characteristics of high-level homogeneity, uncomplicated process, reduced reaction time, gentle reaction conditions as well as decreased overall process cost. such innovative technologies have been increasingly used in the development of novel adc drugs, and it is expected that they will lead to the successful manufacturing of new-generation adc products with improved safety and therapeutic effect as well as increased accessibility for patients, thereby further boosting the overall level in the domestic adc development. tot biopharm possessed over ten years’ r&d experiences in adc field, and our team has successfully delivered dozens of adc projects ranging from early development to clinical phase iii. in addition, tot biopharm has established several complete commercialized antibody and adc production lines, asserting its leading status as one of the one-stop adc cdmo services companies in the world that integrates antibody intermediate, adc ds and adc dp. its quality system is compliant with the standards of china, us and eu, and the company has successfully passed the nmpa inspections and eu qp gmp audits. with its commercialized production, the  quality system has been undergoing constant improvement under consistent regulatory supervision. and all these aspects will facilitate the industrialized development and production-based applications of disaclinktm, fueling the accelerated development of the adc industry.”

dr. huang wei, founder and president of glycanlink, said: “ glycanlink has given extra priority to this in-depth cooperation between the two parties. as one of the leading domestic cdmo service-providing company, tot biopharm has well-established capacity in providing thorough and complete one-stop services. in this cooperation, both parties will give full play to their respective strengths, jointly advance the process exploration and optimization of disaclinktm technology and achieve the ultimate objective of fulfilling efficient commercialization. after 15 years’ exploratory work in technology by our team, glycanlink has been finally established, which genuinely accomplished the transformation and conversion from scientific research results to industrial output. in the preparation of site-specific adc, one of the glycosite-specific conjugation technologies developed by glycanlink, uncomplicated process procedure, homogeneous and stable conjugated products have been innovatively delivered. furthermore, the adc molecules prepared from glycol-site specific process exhibit high hydrophilic performance, satisfactory stability, potent activity in suppressing tumor and superior in vivo safety profile as assessed from their druggability. the cooperation with tot biopharm will surely infuse fresh vitality to the site-specific adcs, and the new-generation glycol-site specific adc preparation technology will also attract the intensive attention from practitioners in adc. we hope that our technology will be used by an increasing number of adc drug developers with our continued efforts in the foreseeable future, and that more candidate drugs can be approved for marketing by regulatory authorities so as to benefit the people.”