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tot teamwork

the leading industrial platform and profound corporate culture have attracted many outstanding talents to join tot so we can build dynamic and diverse teams.

tot energy

tot biopharm encourages employees to cultivate diverse interests and take exercise during their leisure time. whether participating in the jinji lake marathon, cycling around the taihu lake, playing basketball or badminton, tot biopharm colleagues can be seen enthusiastically challenging themselves in various sports activities. while focusing and devoting ourselves to work, we also live our lives to the fullest and enjoy every moment.

tot humanity

we respect every employee and strive to make tot a place where our employees enjoy work and live their best life. we have various activities including women's day, parent-child activities, family day, team-building exercises, outstanding employees outing, public welfare activities, annual dinner, and various interest groups such as basketball, badminton, and football. we believe these activates help tot be our best in delivering on our value: people-caring.

spreading love

tot biopharm fulfills its commitment to social responsibility, and dedicates to public welfare services. tot biopharm insists on delivering love and gratitude to where it is needed by engaging in various activities, such as supporting special and remote schools, providing humanistic public welfare lectures, making charitable donations, respecting and caring  employees and protecting the public environment, and spreading love and gratitude to where it is needed

donation of school bags to dagun central primary school in garze tibetan autonomous prefecture

dagun central primary school is located at dege county of garze tibetan autonomous prefecture in sichuan province, one of the key counties for receiving assistance for rural revitalization. tot biopharm donated school bags for all students, wishing them health and happiness.

donation of desks and chairs to mugang town middle school in liupanshui city

tot biopharm donated desks and chairs to mugang town middle school in liupanshui city of guizhou province, helping them solve the problem of serious shortage of desks and chairs.